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2006 Tellico Trip - Jeeps R Us


Ahhh.... Our THIRD trip to Tellico in a matter of 4 years. THANKYOU to Todd, Dennis & Jeeps R Us for hosting this trip. There were about 26 people (including children) staying in all 3 of the cabins. We had all types of rigs - from V8 buggies to nearly stock Grand Cherokee & YJ. THANKYOU to EVERYONE for sticking together and offering all the help & support when it was needed!!! You guys are GREAT!!! We had a GREAT time!!! This is the hardest wheeling Izzy has ever done - and it kept ticking even after 4 brutal days of abuse - not including - cough.... All I can say is - WOW!!!

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October 22, 2005 - Wellsville Ohio - Halloweenie 2005


Halloweenie Run 2005 - Took an extended weekend trip out to Wellsville Ohio for the annual Halloweenie Run hosted by JeepinOhio and Forbidden Zone ATV Park and campground. Thankyou Jason for organizing a great trip!! Thankyou Jon & Lenny for taking us through the trails and showing us a good time!! A different type of terrain than what we're used to in PA (Paragon & Rausch) which made it all the more interesting seeing something different. The terrain consisted of a lot of dirt washouts, and sections that really twisted up the suspension, a lot of sticky & slippery mud especially since it had been raining the day before. It's a mountainous area with slippery rocks much like in Tellico. Other sections of the terrain reminded me of past wheelin trip memories. A few technical areas that made the day challenging and exciting. We had orginally planned to wheel both days but ended up heading home a day early due to the weather - rained all day Saturday. Had a great time with Wayne, Nancy, and Jake -as always!! Looking forward to the next long distance trip!!

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PA Jeep Show 2005


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PA Jeep Show 2004


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April 24, 2004 - Steinman Run Clean-Up


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2004 Tellico Trip - Jeeps R Us


This was our second trip to one of four-wheeling's prime destinations! Tellico North Carolina! Thanks again to Jeeps R Us for putting together a terrific trip! What a great bunch of people to spend a week with!

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June 16, 2004 - OK4WD / Keystone Krawlers


OK4WD is one of the Keystone Krawler sponsors and along with some help from our Sponsorship Coordinator Val, we were invited by the owner Jim Oostdyk to spend a few hours at the OK4WD store in Stewartsville NJ. Jim gave us a tour of the store, the warehouse, and the workshop where all the installation magic occurs. Jim also demonstrated some winching techniques sponsored by Superwinch. Jim and OK4WD supplied us with and awesome lunch and drinks while the members played on the rock pile and explored the RTI ramp. Later, Jim explained how air lockers work AND raffled off a WINCH (Superwinch) to one of our members (Eric!! Congrats!!). There were 10 toy straps that were raffled off and the kids got some free OK4WD t-shirts. I didn't take many pictures - I was too busy having FUN!! Steve and I drove our Toyota Tacoma down so we could pick up some bran new wheels and tires for our rig !! THANKS JIM!!!!

THANKYOU Jim for spending your Saturday with the Krawlers and working hard to keep us all occupied and happy!! You did an awesome job!
Thankyou Everyone for coming!!!!!

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